“Stefan was very easy to talk to and put me at ease straight away. I was feeling very low when we started our sessions but by the 3rd session he had helped me realise that some of the issues I had were genuine and not just me ‘making a mountain out of a molehill’ like I’d convinced myself I was. He gave me the confidence and strength to make positive changes to overcome those obstacles and today, at my 5th session, I am in a much better, happier place and those around me have also noticed a big change in me.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Stefan to anyone in need of help.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me get my sparkle back that I’ve been missing for so long now!”

J. Rogers

“ I found myself feeling unhappy with my place in life and really unsure of where or how to begin changing things for the better. I haven’t ever received formal counselling so wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but Stefan put me at ease straight away. I can’t put my finger on why our sessions together have worked but they absolutely have. He has helped me see that I always have choices and that I need to value myself more and have confidence in my decisions. Thank you for helping me find my way back to my happy self!”

Nicky S

“Stefan was very easy to talk to and put me at ease immediately. I felt very comfortable talking about the issues I was dealing with and our conversations allowed me to take a deeper look at myself and the underlying causes of some of my problems.

Over the four sessions I had with Stefan he allowed me the space to reflect and process my thoughts and feelings. He was able to help me explore a new way of approaching my present and my past, and I can confidently say that it changed the way I look at myself and my relationships. I would thoroughly recommend Stefan to all who need a safe, neutral, and experienced person to talk to”

Tom F

“Thank you for all your support. You provided me with the opportunity to plan my recovery from a scary illness. When I first came for counselling I had difficulty in even leaving the house and I am now back at work full time. You have also given me the time out to plan a coping strategy for the future. You provide a safe space which is what you need in difficult situations”


“Thank you so much for your support and direction it has given me a different perspective on how I view things… honing my strengths and realising my capabilities. Helped me regain confidence after a traumatic incident“

Jo B

“ I have just finished my sessions with Stefan. From my first session to my last I have felt a big change within myself which Stefan has helped and supported me through. As someone who has never had counselling before I was very anxious to begin with, as soon as I met Stefan I felt at ease and was able to talk about anything I wanted without feeling like I had to. I have come away from the sessions feeling myself again which is exactly what I wanted. I would definitely recommend Stefan”


“I’ve just finished 6 sessions with Stefan. We opted for phone counselling, I wasn’t too sure if this would work as well as face to face but actually it was perfect and I got as much, if not more, from these sessions.

Stefan made me feel at ease immediately so that I could open up quickly and freely, enabling me to get the most out of the time we had.

I was in a difficult place and finding it hard to get myself out of my ‘hole’ when I started my sessions, but by the end of our time I felt so much better and equipped with more tools, techniques and sound bites, as I like to call them, to help me stay above water and moving in the right direction.

I’m pretty self aware and feel I have a good toolkit already but there’s always more to learn and like anything in life, sometimes you need a refresher on things you don’t use regularly. These sessions did both for me and I’m so grateful. I feel calmer, happier and healthier”


“I started my journey with Stefan following a visit to the GP where I was given anti depressants, signed off and a leaflet about sourcing counselling. I was lower than I had ever been and even more lost. Thankfully I picked up the phone and started my journey with Stefan. Through six weeks I was finally given the time and space to be listened to. What followed was the most amazing advice on how to not only feel better in the present, but to also continue to move forward facing life’s challenges as they come. I will very much miss my weekly catch up but I know Stefan has given me all the tools I need to keep myself in check”


“I have worked with several counsellors over the years, but I can honestly say Stefan is one of the best. I felt instantly at ease talking to him and that he genuinely cared about me. He has guided me through a very difficult period and helped me sharpen the tools I already had and discover some new ones for the tool box…thanks Stefan!”

Jo J

“After thinking I was going around the bend, I seeked out Stefan on-line as soon as I spoke with him on the phone I felt at ease, I just needed someone to talk to.
Upon my first meeting with Stefan I felt comfortable and I knew I had made the right decision. He has helped me turn myself around, to take care of Myself to stop over analysing everything to stop beating myself up trying to please everyone. My third and forth session was not the nicest but I understand now that this is part of the process and by my fifth session I could see a big change in me.
Stefan said something to me at my last session and it was my comment from my very first session “ I just wanted me back and my sparkle back” he did not know who this person was but now he can see who she is !!
I cannot thank Him enough, I will miss my weekly sessions but I know he is always there if needed”
Thank you again


“I immediately felt at ease with Stefan and comfortable enough to be completely honest with him.
My sessions have helped me understand my habits and patterns and we’ve made connections in my behaviours that I didn’t realise existed.
I now understand my trigger points and I feel I have the confidence and awareness to move forward, feeling stronger and in control.
I can’t recommend Stefan enough”


“I have found our sessions to be extremely helpful and I would not hesitate in recommending Stefan to a friend/colleague. Stefan is both professional and easy to talk to and I have benefited greatly from working with him”

“Stefan was recommended to me when I hit a real challenging period in my life. With Stefan’s help I have managed to turn a corner and am feeling stronger, more resilient and happier with my situation. I will be recommending Stefan to friends and colleagues”.

Andy G

“Stefan has been such a positive influence in my life. After several months of trying to battle depression and anxiety on my own due to work and relationship struggles I was referred to Stefan. I was experiencing a real low in my life where I was lacking motivation, hope and just started on antidepressant medication which meant I was really lacking self-esteem as well.
Stefan was so easy to talk to from day 1. He had a structured approach to our sessions but also allowed me to talk freely and I really enjoyed talking to him. You can tell he had experience as he always knew exactly when to say something to refocus my mind in the right direction. I’d previously had CBT counselling but never felt so listened to and understood as I have with Stefan. In just four sessions, Stefan really changed my outlook on life. I initially was just hoping to get out of the hole I was in, but he has got me to a place where I’m just a more happy, confident and positive person. He’s managed to unlock something inside me to make me feel more assertive and strong enough to keep negative things out of my life where possible and deal with them when they do arise. He helped me to look forward to life again. I not only feel like myself again but a better version of myself. I’m not sure I would have got to this place of inner strength without him. I’m so grateful for all he has done for me. It was an absolute joy talking to him and I couldn’t recommend counselling with him enough”.

Sunaina R

Stefan was extremely easy to talk to and to open up with. I felt he really listened to me and responded with tremendous insight and compassion”.

Susie P

“I started seeing Stefan as the early warning signs of anxiety and depression started to occur more frequently. I only expected and wanted a refresh of what my initial CBT taught me…. I got so much more! Stefan changed my whole outlook on life for the better and installed peace and confidence in myself that I’ve never had before!”

Matt Lansdown

“when I came for my counselling I felt traumatised and thought that I was losing my mind. The sessions with Stefan have really worked and I now feel back to my normal self”

Helen Hatton

“Since starting my weekly sessions with Stefan he has listened to me and helped me develop skills to manage my anxiety. He has enabled me to enjoy my life again and I have been able to look at things through a clearer mind. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to speak with Stefan, he has changed my life for the better”

Chloe J

“Before I started my sessions with Stefan I honestly felt like I was teetering on the cliff edge with my mental health. Through working with him, I’ve come leaps and bounds in the last 8 weeks and feel like my depression hasn’t been able to impact me as much as it normally would have and moving forward I feel like I have control over my life! Thank you very much Stefan!”

Adam B

“I’ve contacted Stefan several times over the last 18 months and can honestly say I don’t know where I would be without him. We connected immediately. Stefan is a great listener with a relaxed non-judgemental approach. Stefan gives you the space to talk about what you need to. You can always tell he has fully listened to you by the responses he gives. It’s been like talking to a wise friend who I’ve known for years. Stefan has guided me into a new way of looking at situations and circumstances and I now feel equipped to deal with the ups and downs of life in a more rounded way. I’ll definitely miss our sessions. Thank you Stefan so much”.

Sam Howse

“Stefan allowed me to speak openly and freely about my problems without judgement. I have reconnected with my own emotions beyond what I thought was possible and as a result have a fresh, positive outlook on all aspects of my life.

I will forever be grateful to Stefan and I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of a mental reboot”.

Ben R

“I never saw myself as someone who wanted or would benefit from counselling and saw it as a form of weakness. After speaking to Stefan after losing my dad I can honestly say that counselling is anything but a weakness. It’s strength in realising when you need help. Stefan was great and I’ve now got my life back on track”

Clare Tomlinson

“Stefan has been the one constant in the past six turbulent weeks when I have experienced a roller coaster of events and, in turn, emotions. His presence has been my calm in the storm. From the outset I have found him understanding, non-judgemental and the greatest listener I have had ever had the pleasure of knowing. He knows exactly what to say and when to say it. My six sessions have flown by, but whilst the issues are still ever present, I am a better, more confident person, who now knows my own self-worth. For that I thank you Stefan”.

Mel B

“Stefan was very calm, considerate and thoughtful in his approach and I felt comfortable with him from the start. He really helped me make sense of my thoughts and emotions and gave me some insightful suggestions enabling me to move forward. Thank you Stefan, I will miss our sessions, your attentive listening, care and wisdom”.


“Found my sessions of great benefit. Stefan was very patient, kind and extremely professional. We had a great rapport from the beginning which I found to be helpful in opening up to Stefan. His voice was always calming and reassuring. Thank you Stefan in helping me through my journey”.


“Stefan has helped me to come to terms with my problems and been a great listener. He has been understanding and caring and showed me that even when it’s difficult to change your life because of difficult circumstances you can still change the way you think. Thank you Stefan I will miss our sessions”.

Catherine C

“Learning how to be the best mummy possible to my daughter and create a nurturing co-parenting environment for her was the goal of my counselling sessions with Stefan. He was fantastic and within 5 weeks my whole life had turned around, I mean literally. When I look back now I realise I was trapped by my fears, hadn’t let go of the past and was finding it hard to move forward with love and forgiveness. Stefan’s deep and attentive non-judgemental listening skills gave me the space I needed to reconnect with my purpose, reach clarity in how to let go and deal with the deep-rooted issues that were causing me symptoms of worry and anxiety. I cannot thank Stefan enough and I honestly can’t believe the positive impact it has had on me, my co-parenting relationship and most importantly on my daughter’s life. He listened empathetically and with every part of his being, which is such an amazing skill. When he offered insight, he was so spot on, it helped the process along even quicker. For me, weekly sessions were a must to keep the momentum and focus. If I ever have another time in my life where I need counselling, I wouldn’t choose anyone else. Thank you Stefan”

Lucy W

“What started out as going through some kind of motion to seek counselling has resulted in me genuinely looking forward to our sessions, and our rapport has made it feel as though I was consulting a friend
I have felt reassured, supported, non-judged, and ultimately I have gone from feeling overwhelmed to empowered, in a way that I can now use my innate coping strategies and set those all-important boundaries for myself.
Thank you for giving me that safe and neutral space to explore my feelings and issues”.

Justine C

“I’d never sought professional counsel for my anxiety before, but Stefan has been a warm, empathetic and deeply knowledgeable person to safely discuss my issues with. The insights gained from our sessions will continue to help me move forward positively and I think everyone in the world would find value in having a conversation with him.”

Laura P.

“Stefan gave me space to think and time to vocalise my worries. His positive and non-judgemental approach provided support and encouragement enabling me to address contradictions to my core values. As a result I reassessed problematic situations and found just enough courage to effect long needed change! Thank you for your listening skills, insight and words of wisdom Stefan”.

Dr Emma

“I can highly recommend using the service, I had struggled in the past and for me CBT therapy didn’t quite work for me. This type of therapy really helped me to understand why I was feeling the way I did which I didn’t get with CBT. My counsellor Stefan made me to feel comfortable even though at first it was had to talk but he understood and in no way did I feel judged”.


“I found the counselling really useful in gaining some insight and perspective on my situation. Stefan listened to what I wanted to achieve from the sessions, guided me through, helped me to be in action and find clarity where before I was feeling overwhelmed and confused”

Thank you! Luke

“Stefan is an attentive, considerate and reassuring person to talk with. I always felt I could speak about anything without any form of judgement, knowing that any suggestion or comment he might have for me was just to help guide me and I could decide what I wanted.

Over the course of 6 weeks I had a regular call which really helped me get the right tempo and bring my turbulent thoughts together into a calmer place. It set me up and enabled me to move forwards, even knowing I had more to consider was no longer a problem as he had given me the direction needed.

I would recommend Stefan to anyone struggling with an internal problem or dealing with physical symptoms related to state of mind. I enjoyed our sessions looking back now, and they definitely added value to my life.”

“Straight away I felt completely at ease with Stefan, it was the first time I was able to speak honestly without any judgement being cast. Stefan was able to help pinpoint where my anxiety/sadness was coming from and able to provide productive steps I could take to build myself up again”
Clare E

“After years of battling with my anxiety and sense of identity I decided to get help. Stefan was wonderful. He created a safe space of no judgement for me to talk openly about my worries. And after just a short period of time my confidence has grown greatly”

“I worked with Stefan for a period of 6 weeks after being referred for some counselling through my work. I was struggling with stress and anxiety and was finding it hard to function on a daily basis.
The rapport we built through our sessions was really comforting. The techniques that were given to me to help me deal on a daily basis with anxiety really helped me gain focus again. The exercises we practiced to help me build my self- esteem and self- awareness have given me confidence in my everyday life again.
These techniques are something that I will continue to implement in my life to allow me to maintain a healthy balance.”
Michelle K

“Professional and yet relaxed in approach, I felt at ease and encouraged to consider how I could help myself as well as receiving guidance on how to cope at this difficult time. The counselling ended with me feeling much more in control and feeling positive about further challenges ahead.”

Mel W

“Stefan creates a warm and caring environment for counselling supervision; that enables me to share my concerns and feelings in a very supportive space”

“From my first conversation with Stefan I felt something release. I was stuck in a pattern of anxious circles, desperate not to get stressed and failing. I couldn’t have foreseen that I would achieve such progress in 6 sessions, but the thought that change was possible gave me hope. I now have the insight and confidence to ask for changes to make my life the best it can be. Stefan gave empathic emotional support and made practical suggestions that I could follow to grow between sessions. His ability to see what’s going on ‘underneath it all’ is a life line when you feel like you are sinking. HUGE THANKS to Stefan for your encouragement and positivity – oh and for changing my life!”

Jane F

“From day one Stefan made me feel at complete ease and succeeded in making me open up more than I have ever done in my life.
His calming approach, caring manner and varied questions made me think of things in a completely different way to my usual thought processes.
I have seen a few counsellors in my life but Stefan went above and beyond into actually helping me improve myself and bringing out my strengths. He listens in depth, doesn’t interrupt, remembers things and has the most amazing positive outlook. It is so refreshing and I found myself looking forward to our sessions instead of dreading them. In the six weeks I have spoken to him, I feel I have changed for the better so much”
Thank you,

Emma H

“Stefan has been my Supervisor for the past two years and I am indebted to him for the wonderful support he has given me during that time. His wisdom, knowledge and skills have been invaluable and I have learnt so much by meeting regularly with him. Stefan has helped me to recognise how vital it is for me to consider the importance of my own well-being as well that of my clients. I consider myself very fortunate to have been introduced to Stefan and working with him has wonderfully enhanced my role as a professional counsellor”


“During a recent emotional upheaval, the help I received was invaluable. Stefan helped me explore difficult issues in a frank and open environment, and by knowing when to push, and when to hold back, he helped me make decisions with confidence. Any ‘homework’ I was set was always insightful and I never found the sessions patronising, something I struggled with in the past.

Anyone considering using Stefan for emotional support will find their effort and honesty rewarded with clear thinking. I have no hesitation in recommending his services.”

Daniel, Herefordshire

“I had six telephone counselling sessions with Stefan due to my depression and anxiety attacks. From the first session I felt understood and not judged. It was so easy to express my feelings and with a gentle nudge in the right direction from Stefan I am in a total different world, starting to live my life again”
Many thanks

Sarah R

“I went to see Stefan almost a year after suffering a life changing loss. I had hoped that I would manage my grief on my own but unfortunately this proved very difficult. Stefan helped me to develop my own toolkit for dealing with my grief, and helped me get to a point where I could begin to understand and process what I had been feeling. Having never sort help of this kind before I was extremely sceptical, but would now strongly recommend help from Stefan to anyone else having difficulty with a problem they cannot deal with alone”

“I can’t overstate how useful I found Stefan’s sessions. He created a calm, quiet, respectful and positive environment that filled me with confidence. The sessions were always purposeful and helped me decide for myself the practical steps I needed to take to resolve my anxiety issues. I feel very grateful for his time and expertise”
Aaron C

“I was put in touch with Stefan via the BMA counselling services and we worked together over 6 50 minute sessions. Stefan quickly established a good rapport and was always professional and understanding while retaining a sense of humour. He was able to bring lightness or seriousness to the sessions and was able to read what was needed very easily.
We covered a lot of ground in our sessions and each session had a clear focus. I found Stefan to be empathetic and he was able to challenge and encourage me to look at things in a new light or from a different view point. The work we did has given me good insight into the issues I brought to counselling and through our sessions has helped me immensely to move forward with a new perspective and a whole range of tools to help me look after myself and my emotional health better.
I would not hesitate to sincerely recommend Stefan and cannot thank him enough for helping me turn a corner at what was a very difficult time in my life.”
Dr Sarah

“I would like to say how truly grateful I am for your excellent counselling sessions. They enabled me to re-calibrate my thinking, which was thanks to the trusting relationship that developed throughout the sessions. I really appreciated the flexibility you were able to give me. I never felt out of control of my counselling or that anything was expected of me.
I cannot thank you enough for helping me through a period of change in my life. I now have a much greater peace of mind.”

“Stefan was one of the best counsellors I’ve seen and as I’ve suffered with OCD and depression for 32 years that is saying something. He really took the time to listen, understand and make me feel that what I was saying was not stupid. Thank you very much for your help”.

“Stefan, You guided me from darkness and brought me back into the light after the loss of my father who was also my best friend, now new life has brought joy into my world, I am soon to be a grandad’ next April, you will never how much you helped me, thank you” Gary

“Stefan was very easy going and supportive, professional and friendly, putting me at ease straight away. He was excellent in his understanding of my position and feelings . Communication was very good. Stefan was pleasant and made it a lot easier for me to be open about my problems and helped me come to positive decisions, without advising. Maitland have exceeded my expectations and I really appreciated the support offered.”

“I wasn’t in a great place when i first met stefan
But stefan has helped me put my life back on track . Stefan is very easy to talk to and really has helped me see life in a better way . I didnt think counselling was going to work but was proved wrong by the way stefan has helped me thank you very much”

K Kendell

“Back at Christmas last year, having being through a traumatic year, I found myself struggling to cope and not knowing where to turn. Fortunately for me, my employer has a staff welfare service, which I decided to access. Within a short space of time I was diagnosed with receptive depression, and referred for a course of counselling. Stefan was absolutely fantastic, offering a friendly listening ear and helping me to identify for myself where the real issues lay, and to come up with ideas to help solve them. For much of the time I felt like I was waffling and not making any sense, but Stefan was able to decipher what I meant and gave me the support I needed. Through my sessions with Stefan, I started to feel happier and more confident which meant I was able to take control of my life again. I would not hesitate to recommend Stefan to anyone else who finds they need counselling”
Sean H

“I was quite apprehensive about counselling but Stefan was warm and friendly and I felt at ease immediately. There was no judgement and I felt free to be completely honest with myself and him.
I can’t tell you how helpful these sessions have been. I’ve just and my final session and I feel like a new person. We have discussed simple things and how to train my mind to think differently. It’s tough carrying on without the sessions but with the things we’ve but in place I feel I can stay healthy and keep my new outlook.
Thank you Stefan!”
Amy D

“I was put in contact with Stefan through my employer. I had a lot of stuff going on at home but I was also experiencing a number of pressures at work at the same time. Stefan put me at ease straight away and he was really easy to talk to. He helped me see that what I was feeling wasn’t unusual under the circumstances and he also reassured me that I was doing the right thing. Stefan also gave me a number of tools to help me firstly recognise when I was getting anxious and then how to deal with those anxieties. He also helped me come up with some support mechanisms that I could use when I needed them.
At the end of the 8 sessions I felt myself again. I feel stronger and able to deal with things in a rationale way.
Just as importantly for me I enjoyed talking to Stefan in those sessions. We even managed to have a bit of a laugh too”.
Kate B